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Ayersrock Extension Pack refreshing your work
Extension Pack

Creating more flexible and more efficient work environment
by choosing extension packs, most proper for our company

Extension Pack

  • Message board and Calendar
  • Message board and Calendar
    These are the basic and necessary elements for our company's collaborative circumstance. Enhance solidarity and raise compatibility by sharing information.
    Message board Features
    • Newest messages
    • Favorite message boards
    • View mode(album style or list style)
    • Reply and comments
    • Notice
    • File attachment
    • Draft
    Calendar Features
    • Schedules by day, week, or month
    • Set sharing boundary
    • Event search
    • Regular event

  • Secure Mail
  • Secure Mail
    It is sent as encrypted with its mail message and attachments. The security key for the mail can be generated by senders or by system and the clue for the key is be sent with to the recipients.
    Secure Mail Features
    • Over 256 bit asymmetric encryption
    • Security key settings
    • Interlink with SMS
    • Client based decoding scheme

  • Approved Mail
  • Approved Mail
    Every mail will be sent after verified automatically by the system with admin-setting conditions. Mail violating the conditions should be approved by the authorized. Prevent information leakage by establishing policies for that and setting filtering conditions.
    Approved Mail Features
    • Designate authorized users
    • Assign representatives
    • Check status for approval
    • Withdraw and return
    • Input return reason
    • Various filtering conditions
    • Exceptional conditions
    • Log management

  • Webhard
  • Webhard
    Maximizing work efficiency with various collaboration functions such as sharing disk and guest folders, based on the fast and stable system of Ayersrock Webhard.
    Webhard Features
    • Individual disk
    • Sharing-disk interlinking with Organization chart
    • Guest folders for external cooperation
    • Anti-spam filtering
    • IP access limitation
    • File extension limitation
    • Access log

  • Mail Integration
  • Mail Integration
    In separated network environment, this solution provides compatibility with various other modules. It includes status checking managing of mail transferring log. And also, it can inspect for system failure and transferring error, and transfers duplicated mail.
    Mail Integration Features
    • Encrypted transmission interval for every data
    • Anti-spam filtering
    • Data integrity checking
    • Perfect compatibility for various network integration

  • Integration to SMS
  • Integration to SMS
    It sends SMS message instantly, connecting to webmail and web messenger. It can also send group mailing and bulk mailing, connecting to contacts, and provides systematic SMS service through specific admin functions such as managing transferring log and storage usage limit.
    Integration to SMS Features
    • Interlink with organization chart
    • Group mailing and bulk mailing
    • Scheduled mail
    • Check sending result
    • History management
    • Usage management
    • Emoticon management