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Kebi, the history of webmail, is re-born as Ayersrock Communications.


Introduce Ayersrock
Keep first place in the market
Ayersrock Communications is keeping the top in the webmail solution market in Korea, and adding trust by operating Customer Satisfaction Center the first time in the domain of web solution business.
Over than 1,000 references
Ayersrock Comms. has the most customers and has been building Mail system for over than 1,000 companies and institutions, supporting solid service and reliable system.
Pride in 20 year history
Since 1995, Ayersrock Comms. has being building history itself and now it's adding values into it by being registered in Public Procurement Service and certified for administration business software.
For 100% satisfaction
Constructing unequaled and 100% central managing maintenance system, we've played a part in helping work efficiency.


Naravision keeps leading in the market since we released ®Kebi, the first webmail solution ever in Korea,
and still tries the best to boost customer value with our quick and stable IT infra know-how of 20 years.
With our new brand Ayersrock Communications,we're trying harder for
technology development and customer satisfaction.